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HexBlueGlow and Black (and Red) Theme Available for Download

by @ 8:56 am on September 7th, 2011 in themes with 5 Comments

Today we’re back online and ready to give you a couple of new themes to download. Apologies for the recent downtime, the server seems to always know just when I’m leaving town for extended periods of time. I’ve put top men on it and hopefully we can get the problem fixed soon.

To brighten things up you can find a few new themes for download and installation on your Windows 7 Media Center machine. The first is from Astrotoy7 with a follow-up to his original Black theme. The theme has been updated to feature a red theater drape in the main background and still includes fully black themed bits in other areas of Media Center.

black and red

Download Black (and Red) Theme

If red doesn’t fit your style you can try blue with this new HexGlowBlue theme from Grayline23. What makes this theme so fantastic? The background is animated to slowly strobe a glowing blue effect! It really is quite a neat effect and is one of the first backgrounds to be animated with anything other than the original style of blue glowing mist from the original Media Center theme.


Download HexBlueGlow Theme

That’s all for today, hopefully this server issue gets fixed promptly and everything is smooth sailing from here on. Find instructions for installing these themes below.

Installing this theme requires Windows 7 Media Center and Media Center Studio, a free media center theme creation application. Once you’ve downloaded the zip file extract the .mct file inside to a location of your choice. Open Media Center Studio and select the themes tab then select Import Theme. Locate the file and import the theme into the program. Select the newly imported theme from the listing and hit Apply. The theme will be applied the next time media center is started.


Comment #47171 from Tester [Reply]

These are 2 great themes. Where can we find the actual jpgs for our matching desktops ?

Comment left September 8, 2011 at 4:01 pm Permanent Link

Comment #47197 from Tester [Reply]

Damn, great “obvious” tip.. Wish I had known this before, Ive spent quite the time looking for matching desktops.
Thanks for the excellent tip Michael… The HexBlue theme is simply awesome !!!

Comment left September 9, 2011 at 9:54 am Permanent Link

Billy Gun
Comment #47550 from Billy Gun [Reply]

The “Black (and Red) Theme” looks very nice. Thanks!

Comment left September 17, 2011 at 12:42 pm Permanent Link

Scotty Hoek
Comment #109908 from Scotty Hoek [Reply]

Hey everyone. I have MCS and the themes installed, they load correctly and everything, but once I get past the home screen, it just displays the default black. Any idea on how to fix this?

Comment left March 13, 2013 at 6:24 pm Permanent Link

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