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ITV HD Fix for UK Media Center Users

by @ 10:00 am on April 28th, 2010 in tv listings with 9 Comments

logo Bear with us now, not being native to the UK we haven’t been able to get this one to work locally but with such hard work going into it this fix appears to warrant some attention. Apparently, you in the UK have a new channel that’s acting up in the Windows 7 Media Center guide. More accurately it’s not showing up at all now that the channel has become an official station. Microsoft claims to be unsure if it can fix the issue after several weeks of widespread reports of the issue. A user on The Green Button forums who goes by Alban, on the other hand, has managed to come up with a fix that seems to work for most everyone.

itv hd web

Again, not being from the UK we can’t test the tool personally, however, it seems to be a fairly simple process. The program will launch, detect the Media Center’s EPG database then inject the channel manually. This will need to be done each time the channel lineup is rescanned however as the database starts from scratch after each tuner or channel scan.

To use the fix you’ll either need to check the TGB thread for the latest release or download version 5 (4/28/10) from Hack7MC here. Run the program and apply the fix. Then simply re-launch Windows 7 Media Center (we assume). The author has also setup a donation page for those who’ve been helped by the program.

tv listings

If ITV HD is showing up properly in the TV Guide but there are no listings available you will need to associate them manually. Select the channel name in the guide, press i or right-click and select Edit Channel. Select the Edit Listings option from the following page and locate the listings for ITV1 HD and associate them with this channel. Media Center should now retrieve the ITV1 HD channel listings automatically with each guide update.

Hopefully this fix works for everyone having issues with getting this channel to show up properly. It’s great to see that the community can take over so expertly in Microsoft’s absence. For even more on channel lineups check out our guide on setting up custom channel lineups.


Comment #10350 from Richard [Reply]

Good to see Microsoft are on the ball… :)

Given that people are watching ITV1 HD, I’m guessing that there are people out there that have purchased a USB dual DVB-T2 tuner. Does anyone have one they can recommend?

Ideally, I’d like to pair one up with my Hauppage Nova-TD so that I have 4 channels (2 x SD and 2 x HD).

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Comment #10362 from C_mac [Reply]

This fix is just for ITV1 HD over satellite using a DVB-S2 tuner, think majority of people watching ITV1 HD on HTPC are using DVB-S2 using PCI tuner.

Comment left April 28, 2010 at 3:22 pm Permanent Link

@Reply #10499 from wyerd [Reply]

You can get all HD Freesat channels via satellite using an ordinary DVB-S tuner, either a PCI, USB etc. You DON’T need a DVB-S2, yet!

Comment left May 2, 2010 at 3:43 am Permanent Link

Comment #10400 from Skyhater [Reply]

Hi there,

Apologies for being somewhat off-topic from your article however your site seems the best place to ask this question without getting involved with forums..

Sky Player is driving my wife and I insane. We want to completely get rid of it from Media Center 7 but it appears to re-attach itself every time!

We have tried hiding the channels in the guide settings. After a PC reboot, they return. We have tried using Media Center Studio to hide the Sky Player promo item from the TV menu strip.. This worked for a week and then it re-appeared!

Is there some permanent solution to get rid of this freeloading spam-vertisement?

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Comment #12313 from ian [Reply]

Can you make STV HD work which i belive has just started and won’t tune in?

Comment left June 5, 2010 at 4:16 pm Permanent Link

Comment #16441 from Anonymous [Reply]

Jyust check and make sure what ever your receiver card/system is IS ABLE to view HD channels. Some pc tv cards dont support HD channels so all of the above will be in vain.

Comment left August 30, 2010 at 9:15 pm Permanent Link
Comment #34123 from Bob [Reply]

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