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Clearing Movie Metadata and Cover Art Cache

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Recycle Your Metadata There may come a time when you need to clear the Metadata or Cover Art from the cache of the built-in Movie Library in Windows 7 Media Center. Perhaps a metadata manager went awry and saved some improper information directly to the cache or maybe you’d just like to reload your cover art. Luckily it’s extremely simple.


First you’ll need to enable the viewing of hidden files and folders. To do this open up Control Panel and select Appearance and Personalization. Under Folder Options select the Show Hidden Files and Folders link to open up the Folder Options dialog.

hidden files

Select the option to Show Hidden Files and Folders in the settings and Press OK to save your new settings.

show hidden

Now open up Windows Explorer and navigate to your user directory, C:\Users\USERNAME, you should now see a folder inside named AppData. Continue through this directory until you reach C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\eHome and inside you should see at least three folders. DVDCoverCache stores the cover art for your movie collection, DVDInfoCache stores the metadata and mcl_images stores icons for plugins and apps that can be launched from Windows Media Center.

Simply delete any of these folders and the contents will be regenerated the next time you run the default Movie Library in Windows 7 Media Center (with the exception of mcl_images of course, generated when entering Extra Programs).


That’s it, just relaunch Windows Media Center for your changes to take effect. Using this guide before trying out a new metadata program or changing your cover art can save you a few headaches down the road.


Comment #2145 from incy2k [Reply]

can the same be done for music? or does the music solely rely on folder.jpg and id embedded also is there a quick way to remove the art added by windows media player?

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Comment #2175 from mikehayton [Reply]

To quickly get to the directory you can

click on the start button (or press the windows key on the keyboard)
and press enter.

a file explorer will open at the right spot.

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Comment #2176 from mikehayton [Reply]

with the %appdata%\microsoft\ehome version you dont have to do any of the Show Hidden Files and Folders part.

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Comment #5378 from Henry [Reply]

I only have the /mcl_images folder… What should I do?

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Comment #5852 from Dan [Reply]

Doesn’t work. I delete these folders permanently, restart MCE and the Movie metadata is still there. Is there any way to force it to poll the Movies directory(ies) for changes, as this is so much bother everytime I want to put a new movie in there…

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dean nz
Comment #18277 from dean nz [Reply]

if you are trying to do this because you have random names/no images/multiple instances of a movie deleting this is not your answer.

You need to manually open the folder eg Apocalypto (2006) and insure that inside that folder files are correct. For example if it is a two peice folder you should have Apocalypto (2006) [1 of 2] , Apocalypto (2006) [2 of 2] , Apocalypto (2006).dvdid and Apocalypto (2006) (the playlist file).

After this editing in WMC you will have 3 entries. The playlist and the two parts.

I hope this helps someone else out there because I had to figure this out the hard way ;) peace

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Comment #482105 from Bob [Reply]

With windows8 , it’s now in roaming data , guess with win 8 being a roaming OS they want this info to follow your account around with you. Never the less still works thanks !!!

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