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Setting Up Transcode 360 in Windows 7 with CW-Kid

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Transcode360 Getting an extender to work properly with your Windows 7 Media Center has become slightly easier over the course of the beta but can still prove to be troublesome for many. Though by default Windows 7 now has the ability to transcode many of the formats which once required third party software it’s still far from flawless.

The preferred method for getting unsupported media types from your Media Center to your Xbox extender has been to use Transcode 360. Plenty of users are having quite a bit of trouble getting the third party application to work properly on their Windows 7 setups however.

Thanks to CW-Kid of The Media Center Blog we’ve got a new guide to setting up Transcode 360 on Windows 7 machines. The guide takes you through all the steps to get the program working on Windows 7 Media Center. Setting up a number of the most popular plug-ins like My Movies and Media Browser are also covered.

Transcode 360 Setup with Windows 7 Media Center 

To get going you’ll need to download the guide which is in PDF format, so you’ll also need a PDF reader. Adobe Acrobat or FoxIt Reader which are both free applications you can use to view the guide. You will also need a couple of files during the installation process. Hack7MC has setup a mirror of the files so as to not overload CW-Kid’s Live Drive.

Download the files you’ll need during setup here:

Now just follow the guide and it will take you from setup all the way through streaming your first video to your Xbox 360 Extender.

Thanks to CW-Kid for this great guide! Hack7MC can’t operate without the great community of Media Center users and programmers. If you’ve got a hot tip or trick to share with the community let us know with through our contact page!


Comment #1448 from Andres [Reply]

Unfortunately after trying this guide I am STILL getting the “Unable to queue video file for transcoding and streaming” error message. The service is running and it connects but never actually attempts a transcode.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s my Windows 7 build (7077). Does anyone have it working on build 7077?

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Comment #1459 from Anonymous [Reply]

I have the same problems, but I have build 7100. I don’t think anyone has found a solution for transcode 360 on 32 bit windows 7 yet.

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Comment #1465 from Anonymous [Reply]

Can anyone actually confirm this to be working on Windows 7 RC1 x86? I’ve tried on 3 different computers, all with Windows 7 RC1 x86 and none of em work with transcode 360 on my xbox360.

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@Reply #1470 from Michael Healy [Reply]

I know there is at least one person who has got it working but I’m not sure what version of Windows 7 is being used. I would have to say getting this to work on x86 is much more likely then on an x64 box.

You can find more support from cw-kid in this thread on The Green Button forums. I honestly haven’t used T360 beyond a few tests on my own and can’t be of too much help as I don’t know the intricacies of how it operates.

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Comment #1524 from cw-kid [Reply]


This guide was actually written on Windows Vista not Windows 7. I’ve not tested Transcode 360 lately on Windows 7.

I’m sure I had Transcode 360 working on Windows 7 build 7000 when it first came out, but that was a while ago now so I’ve forgotten what I did then.
It was Vader’s DVD Library transcoder that was not working on Windows 7 but Transcode 360 did work I recall.

I will have to try Transcode360 on Windows 7 again when I get the time. I will probably wait till I get the RTM copy before doing anything new again with Windows 7.

Let me know if you have success on Windows 7 with Transcode 360 and tell us what build you are using?

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Comment #1573 from Chris [Reply]

Thanks. I got this to work with Vista. Aint tried it on Win7 yet. One thing to note. I replaced Mencoder with MPlayer P4 svn 29312…for my P4 cpu. This made a tremendous difference. Get it here:


I can now play my Films via VMC within Media Browser and with MediaControl V6.01.

Not saying it will work on anyone else’s system. Just my findings…and thanks for the great article.

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Comment #1865 from Jon [Reply]

Well, I got Transcode360 working on Win7 build 7100 64 bit. Followed most of the guide CW-kid put together. I came across a few issues, first I installed to the x86 program files directory, which prevented media browser from finding it. Fixed that, then I tweaked the profile settings for a linksys extender to stream at about 8000 kbps, without re-encoding the audio (most of the videos I stream are mkvs h.264 with AC3 5.1 dolby dig). Now to note, this was using the original copy of mencoder that came with the transcode260 install. Everything seemed to work, but streaming was very slow (maybe half speed of real time) as it seems mencoder wouldn’t make use of my multiple cores and would only max out one core.

I replaced mencoder with the updated version from the guide. However, now whenever I try to stream something, the extender comes up with format not supported. I tracked this problem down to the AC3 audio stream since when I select to downmix the stream to MP3, the extender plays stuff just fine. With downmixing enabled, streaming works beautifully at 8000 kbps, plenty fast to keep up with real time (since the newer version of mencoder makes use of multiple cores). So now all I wish would work is AC3 pass through so that I can get 5.1 off my extender. I know AC3 with 5.1 works fine on my extenders as I have some movies encoded with h.264 and ac3 stored in an M2TS which stream just fine to the extender without any transcoding.

So anyone have any ideas why my extender can’t stream when not downmixing the AC3?

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Tim Lee
Comment #1885 from Tim Lee [Reply]


I’m a newbie here but have setup the 2.1 release media browser and been really impressed. Although this is all working fine on my Win7 htpc i though I would look at using a 360 as an extender but i’ve hit a really odd problem. Anytime i go into media center on the 360 i get this…


It’s basically connecting fine but not displaying properly on my Samsung 46″ f86 TV via VGA @1080. Obviously games work fine (as does the HTPC at 1080p) and funny enough if I goto the 360 menu – in the background the Mediacenter menu looks fine in the background fine too.

Any thoughts people? It’s obviously not a media browser issue itself as i get the same issue when i pair it with a clean Win7 MC so it a 360MC/samsung/Win7 issue.


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Comment #1935 from robbysimmons [Reply]

the best, EASIEST and by far and only way i would stream .mkv and other format hi-def movies to the xbox is PS3 media server. i know it is called PS3, but it works on 360 to, trust me. it also streams .iso files is that cool or what. here is the link to download. it is very easy to use right out of the box, just install and use no codecs to install whatsoever! http://code.google.com/p/ps3mediaserver/downloads/list

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Comment #1970 from Anonymous [Reply]

ps3 media server is not that great for xbox 360 users.. no rewind, no ff, etc. it also has a lot of stuttering and a/v sync issues. transcode 360 was by far the best, but it’s terrible that no one has figured out a way to use it on windows 7 yet

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Comment #1981 from TheGringo [Reply]

I did it. I make it works fine under W7 and Linksys DMA 2200. It was really hard, but finally works.I did so many changes to my HTPC with W7 that a can´t be sure which of this was the right, but I assume that can be a problem with the folders rights. I added the guest and DMA2200 Windows users to the Administrator Group and add this full rights to the folders that Transcode 360 uses to buffering, then re-install Transcode 360 one more time and it starts to works.

I apologize for my english.

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Comment #1985 from TheGringo [Reply]


I forget to mention, I’m using Windows 7 7229 version and Transcode 360 V1.6.3 with the updates to mencoder, ffmpeg and Registry update mentioned on this post.

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Comment #1996 from elite [Reply]

i’m using the build 7264. I’m having the same error “Unable to queue video file for transcoding and streaming”

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Another Dude
Comment #2081 from Another Dude [Reply]

Hey Guys,
ranover your problems here and i think i have
another solution that crack me up a bit…
with an xbox 360 you need to give ADMIN premision
on your pc so he could get the files.
my problem is that my xbox is hacked and w7
wants to update after the fall update.
can anyone maybe help me with this?

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Comment #2087 from elite [Reply]

give admin premission where ?

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Comment #2186 from MrMarc [Reply]

I wouldn’t recommend giving the media extender’s account, let alone the guest account, admin access, but if that works for you, go for it.

For everyone else who’s a bit apprehensive, you can check out my post over at thegreenbutton.com explaining what I did to get it working on a fresh installation of 64-bit Windows 7: http://thegreenbutton.com/forums/permalink/376239/376155/ShowThread.aspx#376155

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Comment #2388 from JazJon [Reply]

Wow I thought transcode 360 was dead, good to see it might work on Win 7. (mixed results it seems)

I remember that I had better luck getting to actually work running the program in the system tray rather than as a service. I could never get it to work if I ran as a service. (dont know why)

So what’s the deal with the offical transcode 360 site? Will they ever update the code to make it work easier for everyone? (instead of having to read page after page of hit or miss work around hacks) It looks like he just finally made a post this week. (after more than a year of silence)


Why are his versions 4.x ? I remember the whole project was handed off from one person to another a few years ago. It’s pretty confusing where the latest and greatest code is located. I’ll try the links provided in this thread rather than the old main site for now. Let’s hope something updated comes out soon though! (his annoucment sounds promsing)

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Comment #2906 from D2K [Reply]

Issue… I have Transcoder 360 working with Windows 7, sort of. As mentioned in some posts prior, I’m running with T360 1.6.3, most current FF and Mencoder, and the reg edit as per the guide.

Most movies work perfect. Quality is fantastic and all is well.. However, I have some movies which do not read the correct video length and T360 will cut off the movie early. Works fine just playing from win7 machine through media center. Checked the IFO file with an app and it is correct in there. (by the way, these are straight DVD backups in VOB format.)

Anyone else run into this? any ideas?

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Comment #3684 from BNM [Reply]

I use the last version of W7 (7600).
This is the official retail version that I had from my technet account. Everything is working for me except 2 problems.

1/ movie can take 2 minutes to come to the DMA2100. When it came it is working well.

2/ When I transcode a DVD, it is imposible to have another language than english a,d whatever the setup I made.

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Comment #3935 from Anonymous [Reply]

i tested it on windows 7 its work perfectly you dont have to transcode the video just play it and its working mkv ok avi ok dvd files ok just have some problems with hd movies 720p or 1080p its working but the image quality very low looks like screeners.
ps i used the combined community codec pack.

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Comment #4698 from Salis [Reply]

I have used the guide to install the Media Browser and Transcode 360 in Vista x64 to stream videos to my xbox360 and it worked fine.

I did an in-place upgrade of Vista x64 to Win 7 x64 (http://techlog5.blogspot.com) and now it is giving me the same message as above that it is unable to queue and stream, when I access the video files directly. The Media Browser is not at all working in the extender, however it is working fine under the Win 7.

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Transcode 360 and Media Browser but of no use.

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Kevin T. Williams
Comment #6048 from Kevin T. Williams [Reply]

After days of trying I finally got this working through my Linksys dma220 extender… Except, the audio is VERY corrupted and just not working right. I have tried changing all kinds of settings to no avail. I do get video now with .mov, .mkv, etc. but now the extender will not play the .avi that it used to handle on it’s own! Running Win-7 Ultimate x64

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Comment #11892 from Kay [Reply]

(as of 5/30/2010)
Problem: Choppy playback in Windows 7 no matter what version of MEncoder or FFMpeg you use and no matter what default settings you try still choppiness occurs. I went through each and every suggestion on this site and others and nothing worked. I almost gave up.

I had this and thought it was just a Transcode 360 issue. Here’s what I did to fix it.

Get the LATEST MEncoder. If you have a dual or quad core get the latest MEncoder-MT (if using this one, rename to mencoder.exe). Also update to the latest build of FFMpeg. I used the ones from ps3Mediaserver site as listed above. Follow the default install instructions that are listed in the thread. After this I encountered massive choppy playback problems…

The FIX:
Now here’s what I did to fix the stutter, choppiness, off synch (or out of synch) issues:
UNINSTALL ALL CODECS YOU HAVE. Yes that’s right, including Divx, Ffdshow, K-lite codec pack and Shark007 (or whatever others you can find). Restart.

I only had bare minimum codecs installed and still had problems. Codec packs are apparently the WORST if you want to use Transcode 360.

Download latest AC3 Filter and the latest FFDShow. Install them with default settings and you should be ready to go! Reboot and kiss your stuttering goodbye! I can now

My default settings in Transcode 360:
*Increase Volume By 7DB (optional)
*Always Boost Transcoded Audio (optional)

*MEncoder Transcoder

*Constant Audio – 320
*Average Video – 9000
*Maximum Video – 10000
*Downmix AC3 to stereo (optional)

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@Reply #27096 from Jefferson [Reply]

Dont Works…..

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Comment #48027 from Logan [Reply]

I stream from my win7 x64 to my xbox i use windows7codec its free and i use mediabrowser for covers and backdrops plays avi and mp4s and some mkv i never heard of Transcode 360 until today and though i would give it a go but after reading none of you got it to work i think ill stick with how i do it for now since all works well and i watch my movies just fine mp4 720p and 1080p

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@Reply #48538 from Chris [Reply]

Will this help my problem of slow menu response from Win7 MC to Xbox 360 MC?

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