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Windows 7 Codecs – Shark007 Pack makes codec installation easy

by @ 9:00 am on April 29th, 2009 in codecs with 54 Comments

shark Some people don’t really need (or want) to get down and dirty with the intricacies of codecs like FFDShow. Many people simply want their media play to, no matter what, without the hassle of learning how to setup or use various codec configurations. Granted FFDShow setup is far from difficult but in some situations it does require a little extra care to get that obscure piece of video to play. Luckily, for those who just can’t be bothered there’s another way.

Shark007.net provides Media Center users with one of the most comprehensive codec packs that comes without all the bloat of other public codec packs. Even better the latest versions of Shark007’s codec packs include an extremely easy to use configuration app that makes setting up your codecs even easier than before!

To get started download the Windows 7 Codecs from Shark007.net and if you’re on Windows x64 get the special Windows 7 x64 codec pack as well. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Windows 7 codecs configuring them is simple! Just launch the configuration app from the Win7codecs folder in Programs, Shark007 includes an app for both x86 and x64 systems.


Upon launching the configuration you’ll notice that you have access to an incredible number of options for setting up your codec playback. The pack should work just fine out of the box but if you’d like to choose specific codecs to use on certain types of content you’ll need to launch the configuration utility in Administrator mode. To do this simply right-click the shortcut and select “Run as Administrator”.

On the Config and Audio tabs you’ll also find buttons to launch specific configuration programs FFDShow, Xvid and other included codecs. As mentioned, however, there should be no need to play around with the setup unless there’s something specific you’d like to accomplish. Straight after installation Shark007’s Windows 7 Codecs will play almost anything you throw at it.

For Media Center users getting something done “easily” isn’t usually the case but Shark007’s codec packs can definitely make your life a little easier.


Comment #517 from Steve [Reply]

I assume this doesnt work around the Win 7 Codec problem (i.e you cant replace them) ((without making a mess))

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@Reply #520 from MichaelHealy [Reply]

That’s correct. Shark’s codec pack will get you up and running but installing all the correct splitters and decoders but you’ll still need to use MCDU to disable Windows Media Foundation.

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@Reply #946 from Tompie [Reply]

I’m not certain but … I only installed the latest version of the Shark’s codec pack after a fresh install, fiddled with the different options and succeeded in having subtitles within MCE7. I presume that this means that Windows Media Foundation is bypassed ?

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@Reply #957 from Michael Healy [Reply]

I don’t believe that Shark007 bypasses WMF by default but he does a lot more work with codecs than I do personally so he may have just found a better way to handle subtitles.

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Comment #556 from Steve [Reply]

Thought so – the default deconders in Rc1 for Win7 have a audio oos issue (playing the same file on the same system in vlc – plays fine).

Changing the codecs make the systems quite unstable :( :( – I wish M$ would make the whole codec thing easy (i have gone back to VMC as my primary system ) but will continue to test 7 – c’mon M$ sort out the codecs.

I should just be able to pic ffdshow for everything other than tv ( iknow they are hacks here – but they make my sys unstable)

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Mo Heb
Comment #776 from Mo Heb [Reply]

Hey Mike,

Thanks again for running this site.

I’m having one minor issue with running media center with my mkvs. Especially my 1080s. I turned the subtitles and the picture turns pixilated. When I turn them back on works great.

I go to x65 controls and under subtitle controls i turn off subtiles (instead of directVOB). That right there seems to be the root of all my issues. When I do that the picture gets severely pixilated.

Running W7100
installed shark 007 32 bit v112 and 64bit v118 codecs

Got any ideas?

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Mo Heb
@Reply #777 from Mo Heb [Reply]

*turned off subtitles

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Mo Heb
Comment #778 from Mo Heb [Reply]

OK fixed it.

What I did was…leave DirectVOB as subtitle controller and then got to the Misc Config button of VobSUB Subtitles, then hit hit subtitle. Seems to be working pretty well now.

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Mo Heb
Comment #779 from Mo Heb [Reply]

Got another issue now. The volume is real low when I run things through W7MC and Media Player. Looking at the Volume Mixer barely gets a reading. I have to crank everything up real high.

On the contrary, when I run the same file in VLC sound is much louder, infact, ideal. Seems like might be the codecs?

Any ideas how to fix this?


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@Reply #795 from Michael Healy [Reply]

Enable volume normalization in FFDShow’s audio settings. You can find information on some basic FFDShow audio settings including normalization in this guide.

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Comment #1435 from DamianP [Reply]

I left a post of TGB but thought you might be able to help. On my recent install of W7 RC x64 I decided to give Sharks codecs a shot. All my 1080p mkvs (using Ripbot and/or MakeMKV) play perfectly in 7MC. A few of my Blu Ray/HD DVDs I decided to wrap into ts/m2ts files as a test (used Clown_BD). 7MC (via MediaBrowser) recognizes these movies but only plays the sound (no video). Any thoughts on what the problem could be. These ts/m2ts files are VC-1.

The same ts (Planet Earth HD DVD) and m2ts (Terminator 2 Blu Ray) files play fine in VMC x32 (I had applied the m2ts registry hack from VMC x32). I thought I read that W7 has native supprt for ts/m2ts so a registry hack is not necessary. I just went with the defaults when I installed the Shark codec packs. Thx.

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@Reply #1437 from Michael Healy [Reply]

Have you checked the file in x64 Graphstudio to see what decoder is being loaded for video, if any? If none is being loaded open the FFDShow Video configuration and locate VC-1 in the codecs window and change the value to either libavcodec or wmv9 and see if video loads for you then.

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@Reply #1440 from DamianP [Reply]

Very odd. I went into the FFDShow Video Configuration. VC-1 was disabled, so I put it to libavcodec. I restarted my PC, and when I go to play the ts file in 7MC I now get a Video Error (Files needed to display video are not installed or not working correctly…). When I use GraphStudio on the ts file it tells me that WMVVideo Decoder DMO is being ussed, not ffdshow. I also tried setting the video properties to WMV9 and get the same error. Any other thoughts on a way to force ffdshow to be used for VC1?

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@Reply #1442 from DamianP [Reply]

OK, using the preferred directshow filters tool I was able to assign FFDShow to VC-1. Using Graphstudio I can then confirm that FFDShow is being used for the video. I rebooted W7 and now the m2ts movie plays, but once again only audio and not video. I will have to do a little more digging around to see what I can come up with. I’ll try wrapping the movie in mkv instead of m2ts just to confirm if I still get the same problem

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@Reply #1446 from Michael Healy [Reply]

I got a hold of a VC-1 M2TS sample file to test with and was only able to get it to work with Haali’s splitter and MPC Video Decoder. I don’t think it had anything to do Haali’s splitter or not but I couldn’t get it to play with FFDShow Video either. MPCVideoDec worked fine though.

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@Reply #1451 from DamianP [Reply]

Thanks, I will give that a try. I have MPC Video Decoder set up on my Vista x32 system with VC1 assigned, which probably makes sense based on what you found out.

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Comment #1464 from battles [Reply]


Would you mind sharing the steps you took to get MPC Video Decoder to work? I can get MPC to playback through GraphEdit, but I can’t get it to work when playing .m2ts VC-1 files through WMP12/MCE. When I play through WMP12/MCE, the MPC Decoder doesn’t launch. All that plays is audio and I get no video.

Also, when I play though GraphEdit using the MPC Decoder, it appears that hardware acceleration is not working. Do you know how to enable hardware acceleration. My GPU is a radeon 4870, which should work with MPC to provide hardware acceleration.


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@Reply #1468 from DamianP [Reply]

No luck here either. It is weird though, I registered the MPC Video Decoder successfully, but when I go to filter manager under Direct Show Filters it doesn’t even show…

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@Reply #1472 from Michael Healy [Reply]

I just installed Haali x64 and MPCVideoDec.ax x64 and things worked right off the bat. Could you send me a small sample clip of one of the files you’re having problems with. That might help me figure out the trouble. You can email it to me at mhealy@hack7mc.com or I can setup an upload form for you to use if needed.

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@Reply #1478 from DamianP [Reply]


Just sent you an email with a link to a 50MB clip. Thanks for your help.


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Comment #1480 from Michael Healy [Reply]

I know this is only going to add to the frustration but I was able to get the sample to playback using nothing but Haali’s splitter and FFDShow Video/Audio on both an x64 and an x86 machine.

I enabled all the options for Haali during setup (avi playback, etc) and enabled VC-1 in FFDShow Video. The only problems I did encounter were with Haali leaving behind icons in the system tray and no fast forward, pause or rewind unless I renamed the file to .mkv.

Here’s a screenshot of the playback in WMC with a Graph, and system tray, etc. (as well as a ton of other junk floating around my desktop at the moment lol)

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Comment #1489 from battles [Reply]


I got it working on win-32bit build 7201. What you’ll want to do is to disable the Media Foundation Wrapper which is the main culprit from keeping you from playing through WMP12/MCE (this is the only media foundation decoder I disabled). The file is in the win32 foldes (if you are using 64 bit there is a second win32 under sysWOW64 where you will likely need to disable the same file) and is called mfds.dll (just add a .bak to the end of the file name). Shark’s win7 codecs include the MPC video decoder, so you can either download his codec pack or register the MPCVidDec decoder directly. I chose to use Shark’s codec pack and then going into the .264 tab and enabling use filter with DXVA acceleration (which I believe makes MPC the highest merit filter for playback and enables harware acceleration). You’ll also want to use FilterManager to ensure the MPC video decoder is set to +255. Within the MPC settings (second tab), you’ll want to uncheck the non-DXVA formats with regard to the filetypes MPC plays back which I believe are .264 ffmegg and VC-1 ffmeg; however you’ll want to check the boxes for VC-1 DXVA and .264 DXVA. Finally, using CLSID’s preferred filter tweaker application which you can find referenced on this site or on Doom9, I selected FFDSHOW for VC-1 playback (vs. Microsoft’s built in VC-1 decoder). However, under Shark’s FFDSHOW settings, I diabled FFDSHOW’s ability to playback VC-1. By performing the aforementioned you’ll now be able to play back .m2ts VC-1 files through WMP12/MCE with hardware acceleration. As for .264 playback, I’m using Windows DTV/DVD video decoder which appears to be utilizing some hardware acceleration. However, you can use CoreAVC which provides harware acceleration if you have an NVidia graphics card (not sure if the CUDA acceleration is working in Win7 though).

Let me know if this works for you, as it worked for me. Further, Mike Healy, if this works for Damian, you may want to specifically reference this as a “how to” on your site because it’s likely a problem that many other folks will encounter in the future with regard to .m2ts VC-1 playback. Futhermore, you may want to ask CSLID on Doom9 to add MPCVidDec as a decoder option for VC-1 (as well as .264). I’d make this request, but in order to post to Doom9, you must be a member for at least 5 days (which I am not). Futhermore, another helpful “how to” for you to add is how to optimize one’s video filter/decoder choice to enable hardware acceleration and/or the best known decoders with regard to image quality and playback fluid playback performance.

Just my two cents!

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@Reply #1494 from Michael Healy [Reply]

Strange that you had to disable WMF to get it working as I didn’t need to do so on my machines.

Interesting solution you came up with though!

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Comment #1490 from battles [Reply]

Mike, in the last paragraph of my last email with regard to CSLID and him adding MPC as an option, I was referring to his new win7 video decoder tweaker (not sure if this was clear).

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Comment #1491 from Shark007 [Reply]

I rarely make posts of support outside of my own forum, http://shark007.net/forum because I do not have the time to offer continued support communication elsewhere on the net. I’ll make this exception for Mike because I felt a need to assist the hack7mc users in getting proper playback from blueray m2ts rips while using my releases. m2ts = MPEG TRANSPORT STREAM and in the settings application you need to go to the MPEG TAB and enable Gabests splitter for proper playback of these files. Be sure to use the proper application (32bit or 64bit) according to the players platform of which you wish to use to play the file. This is not set by default because this setting can interfere with streaming mpeg playback in your web browser. If you have further playback issues, PLEASE take them to my forum. thanks.

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@Reply #1495 from Michael Healy [Reply]

Thanks for the help Shark!

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@Reply #12949 from Jetray [Reply]

Where can i download shark codex

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Dude Guyman
@Reply #132738 from Dude Guyman [Reply]

Shark007: “I rarely make posts of support outside of my own forum, http://shark007.net/forum because”…

because he is too busy posting on them to try and explain away or defend his use of malware bundled in his “codec pack” that installs on the sly with no way to opt out. Avoid! Like the plague folks.

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Comment #1579 from DamianP [Reply]

Mike – one other question maybe you might have some insight on. I tried Shark’s suggestion but got a lot of stutter (I will take that question to his forum). I think part of my problem is that MPC Video Decoder is not registering properly. I register it (same way I have done in the past in Vista with no problems). However, when I open up Radlight Filter Manager MPC Video Decoder is nowhere to be found under direct show filters (see post on W7 forum with screenshots – http://www.sevenforums.com/media-center/12244-help-vc-1-encoded-m2ts-files-no-video-mce-wmp12.html#post124628 ). Have you ever seen this before?

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@Reply #1581 from Michael Healy [Reply]

You won’t see an x64 specific filter in Rad Light Filter Manager’s DirectShow list. Filter Manager will only display 32-bit filters unfortunately. You can verify that it’s installed properly with the x64 version of Graphstudio though.

As for the stuttering, I’ve found that when using MPC video decoder it’s best to also enable the Gabest splitter.

You can also check inside Graphstudio x64 and make sure that MPCVideoDec is being loaded and using DXVA (if applicable) by right-clicking the decoder and selecting properties.

Comment left June 11, 2009 at 8:29 am Permanent Link
@Reply #1588 from DamianP [Reply]

I have another HTPC that I want to upgrade to W7 x64, so I will just hold off on my current HTPC and see if a clean install on the second HTPC clears up the problem. Thanks for your help.

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Comment #1812 from Bi [Reply]

Windows 7 RC
Playing DVD movies, Windows Media Player freezes several times. Have to shut down and restart. Any suggestions?
Tried VLC player, seems to be working but the quality is not as good.
Have the latest (06/20/2009) drivers from nVidea.
Would your Codecs fix that problem?
Quad Core Q9300 2.5Ghz
3Gb DDR2 Ram
500Gb Sata2 Hard Drive
EVGA 8800 GTX 768Mb Video Card

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Comment #2808 from jack0002 [Reply]

ok, when do you start shark007 before you start the download or at the end when you see the codec needed to play tag? i have had a computer for only 3 months and i really am lost on this,any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time…

Comment left August 21, 2009 at 7:04 am Permanent Link
@Reply #2813 from Michael Healy [Reply]

Download and install Shark007 before playing your file then restart your computer. Then you should be able to play your files without needing to run any other programs. There’s no need to run Shark007 before playing each file, it should be loaded automatically each time.

Comment left August 21, 2009 at 9:20 am Permanent Link
Comment #2863 from jack0002 [Reply]

michael.. you talk about playing files, how about downloading. when i get up in the moring, and turn on my computer, does shark007 turn on all by its self? when i start my first download, is it on? thank you for your time..

Comment left August 23, 2009 at 7:50 am Permanent Link
@Reply #2864 from Michael Healy [Reply]

Yes, as long as the file your streaming (playing while downloading) or downloading is supported by Shark007 the codecs (programs used to decode video and audio) will be loaded automatically whenever playing video and audio content.

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Comment #2887 from brian husted [Reply]

hey mike, a question in general .. i was born deaf in my left ear. so why is it downloads do not support subtitles ? why not give the consumer a choice, one with one with out? again thank you for your time

Comment left August 25, 2009 at 6:58 am Permanent Link
@Reply #2894 from Michael Healy [Reply]

I haven’t checked lately (last month or so) but I thought that Shark007 came with subtitles enabled by default. If not you can enable them from the configuration app in VobSub or FFDShow mode.

Comment left August 25, 2009 at 1:48 pm Permanent Link

Comment #2889 from Jonathon [Reply]

Brian, a general response; It is my opinion that those unfortunate enough to be dealing with a disability have already come to the conclussion that finding their own solutions to the issues facing them will solve thier problems alot sooner rather than waiting for the world to come to their rescue.

Comment left August 25, 2009 at 11:32 am Permanent Link
Comment #2925 from jack0002 [Reply]

ok, i just downloaded a avi file i use cucusoft pro v707 and shark007. still yet i got access denied use codec which one is to blame if any?

Comment left August 27, 2009 at 1:48 pm Permanent Link

Comment #3287 from Mobyforce1 [Reply]

1st – GREAT site, thank you.
I have been having an issue (I think) with codec.
Running Windows 7 RTM 64bit.

When i install Sharks w/ 64bit components .mkv’s and everything works fine. The problem is with several ‘avi’ files. They are not recognized any longer. I can play everything via VLC or media player but not in Media Center. If I uninstall all codec the avi’s work, but obviously that makes the mkv’s stop. Is there an additional step i might be missing?

I have tried this with other all other codec packs…same result when testing. Is it an avi thing?

thanks again.

Comment left September 16, 2009 at 11:46 am Permanent Link
Comment #3291 from Shark007 [Reply]

I really dislike troubleshooting issues on someone else’s webspace but have you tried the ‘Reset All’ button on the x64 Settings Application? If this doesn’t solve your problem please make a post on my forums

Comment left September 16, 2009 at 1:14 pm Permanent Link

Comment #3323 from Mobyforce1 [Reply]

I took my issue over to Shark. With his help we figured out the issue was caused by me attempting the FFDShow set up for audio.

The registration hack caused the entire issue. Once I reset my registry keys and OS files all is well. Audio is 5.1 and all extensions and codecs play flawlessly. I recommend reading everything, then when your ready…..read some more….and research!!

Still great site with LOTS of great stuff….and many thanks to Shark himself!

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Comment #4767 from Steve [Reply]

Where the heck is the D/L link. I see all these frigin paid links flying around but I do not see a link to D/L shark007 codec

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Paul T Blades
Comment #14374 from Paul T Blades [Reply]

I recently upgraded to Win7 64bit. Of course I have Media Player 12. I also have RealPlayer which I use to download Flash video and music video through Firefox. Once downloaded, I use a Converter feature in RealPlayer to convert the .flv files to .wmv files so I can play them with Windows Media Player. This has worked fine util just suddenly, I now get the COM Surrogate error message and WMPlayer shuts down. I’ve tried several fixes and have come to the conclusion that there is a codec issue. I downloaded “Media Player Codec Package”, supposedly the best, but it wants me to uninstall all other codecs prior to installation. Do I need to uninstall all other codecs first, and if so where are they located? They are not listed in Device Manager as I am told they should be, in fact Device Manager doesn’t list ANY codecs as being installed. I have since downloaded another program that lists my installed codecs, and while it doesn’t say where they are located, it lists 20 to 30 video and audio codecs, which is a little strange since none are listed by Device Manager. Help!

Comment left July 31, 2010 at 2:55 am Permanent Link

Comment #14858 from Anonymous [Reply]

I noticed that after pressing stop on remote to stop playback of an MKV, the file stays in Now Playing box on 7MC main menu. Then it will resume on its own. only way to reset Now Playing is to close and re-open 7MC. Does anyone know a fix for this?

Comment left August 8, 2010 at 12:34 am Permanent Link

B Griffith
Comment #34595 from B Griffith [Reply]


Comment left March 2, 2011 at 3:58 am Permanent Link

Comment #40830 from RobJ [Reply]

The shark007 codecs work brilliantly if properly set up and do NOT contain any spyware.

You have a malware or virus problem from elsewhere (possibly other codec packs) – don’t blame decent, clean software for your problems.

Comment left May 5, 2011 at 4:29 am Permanent Link

Comment #61113 from FANOF PiRX [Reply]

I installed both packs on win 7 64 bit, but then could not even play the sample wmv file that comes with the OS. Plus a bing bar, ask bar got installed. I too had to nuke my install just to use WMP 12 again
There is no malware, but I did get warnings from MSE

Comment left February 1, 2012 at 10:51 pm Permanent Link

Prazinoski verimoft
Comment #117031 from Prazinoski verimoft [Reply]

I have a problem with my multitude of video players and ther CODEX systems they cant read a MWV format so it will not play Ive tried looking for a pack that runs the wmv file withing media player for windows 7 x86, ans all my other chosen players also don’t support this new file, is there anything i can do or anywere that may have this single format file

Comment left April 16, 2013 at 6:59 am Permanent Link

Comment #179043 from nymlath [Reply]

It contains spyware and you cant opt-out from it. Even if you choose not to install, it installs itself. Ruins your pc. Developer admits this and mocks users who had problems, just look at it’s forum. This is pure spyware/rogueware. Stay away from it.

Comment left August 11, 2013 at 9:22 am Permanent Link

play nice
Comment #187529 from play nice [Reply]

according to this thread on the Shark007 forum, , it was fixed and is no longer occuring. I do not see the Dev mocking anyone.

Comment left August 13, 2013 at 5:35 pm Permanent Link

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