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Retrieving Video Encoding Information with MediaInfo

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MediaInfo Logo Sometimes we might need to find out exactly what set of tools was used to encode a video file. Maybe you would like to double-check the output bitrate of your encoding tools or the output resolution. Perhaps a friend did your encoding and you’d like to double check his workmanship. Could be that you stumbled upon the file among the flotsam and jetsam of the internet. No matter the case MediaInfo can give you more information than you’re likely to ever need.

Using MediaInfo is as simple as can be, first download and install the program for your particular platform. Upon first launching MediaInfo you’ll be presented with a few options including how to display the information gathered. Each output format has it’s advantages but you can easily change the format from inside the program so there’s no need to speed to much time worrying about it now.

first run

Once inside the program locate the file you’d like to get the information for using the button to the right. For a single file the top-most button will allow you to open a single file while the button with a folder will allow you to process an entire folder at once. Unfortunately, at this time MediaInfo doesn’t support subdirectories so processing movies by folder would require each movie to be in the same directory.

before file

After loading your files the information on encoding details will be listed on the right hand side of the program. Inside the default view (Basic) you won’t get much information. To get the most out of MediaInfo you’ll need to change the view to another, such as Text, by selecting the “View” menu from the top and clicking on “Text”.

media info

In this view you will get a full readout of any details that can be displayed about the media. What programs used to encode and merge the files, which codec settings were used, resolutions, bitrate, channels, everything. It’s unlikely anyone could ever even have a use for so much information but it doesn’t hurt to have it.

So, that’s all there is to that. MediaInfo will give you everything you need to know about your media in a nice simple package, for free as well. MediaInfo is one of those small programs that will help immensely anyone who can’t seem to quite pin down the cause of their decoder problems. Go ahead and give it a try.

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Dave Bryce
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Is there anyway to use this for monitoring LiveTV streams to find out exactly what is being used in 7MC.

Many Thanks

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