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Downloading Movie Trailers Made Easier with Get Trailers

by @ 9:00 am on April 15th, 2009 in movie library with 2 Comments

Get Trailers So you want to have HD movie trailers available for your entire movie collection? Well, downloading them all by hand, one by one, can be quite the hassle. Thankfully, a new program, Get Trailers has the solution. Get Trailers will allow you to set a preferred resolution and movie folder then go out and grab all the available trailers for you!

To get started just download Get Trailers to your hard disk and run the program. The interface couldn’t get much simpler, though at this time some of the settings under the “Settings” and “Auto Download” tab are unavailable. Hopefully, these features will be enabled in the near future but for now they aren’t entirely necessary.

Get Trailers First Screen

Upon first opening Get Trailers you’ll see a few tabs, one with the most recent movie trailers, another with all the available trailers as well as Auto Download and Settings. The first one you should select is the “Settings” tab and let the program know what resolution you want your trailers to download in. You may also set a default download directory but this location won’t be used during Auto Downloading. Be sure to hit “Save Settings” before leaving this tab!

To have Get Trailers automatically sort through your movie collection and download the available trailers open up the “Auto Download” tab. Even this portion of the program is extremely simple, though with simplicity you also get an inherent lack of options. Just select the root directory of your movie collection and hit “Run”. Get Trailers will go through your movie folders and match the titles to any available movie trailers.

Download Movie Trailers

If any particular movie doesn’t have a trailer available for the resolution you’ve chosen under the settings Get Trailers will attempt to get a lower resolution version instead. Once completed trailers are saved in each movie’s directory as “trailer.mov”, a QuickTime format file. The reason for this format is simple as the trailers are downloaded from Apple.com’s HD movie trailers site. So you should be sure to have the proper codecs installed for playing QuickTime files as well.

That’s really all there is to it, simple and effective. Get Trailers is so easy to use it’s hard to find a way anyone could slip up. The only area that caused any problems was forgetting to save the settings before running Auto Download ad ending up with low resolution trailers instead of 1080p trailers. That of course is no fault of the software.

Now that you’ve got movie trailers for your collection add them to Media Browser’s movie info and watch movie previews right from Media Center!


Comment #2806 from dgaust [Reply]

Didn’t realise some of my software made it onto Hack7MC :)

Comment left August 20, 2009 at 11:44 pm Permanent Link

@Reply #3232 from Anonymous [Reply]

this version has stopped working. I get a “Value cannot be null.” message.

It used to be work earlier.

Comment left September 14, 2009 at 6:25 am Permanent Link

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