Hacking Windows 7 Media Center

Auto-Sort Movies into Folders

by @ 7:00 am on March 4th, 2009 in movie library, programs, windows 7 with 16 Comments

Many of us start our movie collection as a group of movies, unorganized into their own folder just laying in a single directory. However, in Media Center and Media Browser this doesn’t quite cut it. Each movie should be in a self-titled directory with any of the subtitle and cover images included.

For those of us with large unsorted movie collections this could present an investment of time we’re not willing to make. This could potentially even prevent us from using Media Center to the full potential. Luckily that doesn’t need to be the case!

Unsorted Movie Folder

Jon, from theHTPC.net, has created a small bat file that can be placed in your unsorted movie folder and used to automatically sort all those movies into the proper folder structure. Any of the extras you might have such as subtitle files will even come along.

Newly Sorted Movie Folder

To get started, just download the bat file and extract it in the movie directory that needs sorted out. Make sure any files you don’t want moved are hidden (right-click > properties > Hidden checkbox) including the bat file. Make sure each file in the directory is ready to be moved (this will move ALL files in the directory unless they are marked hidden or read-only).

Double-click file2folder.bat and off you go! (If you can’t see the file make sure you can see hidden files by checking Folder Options in the Control Panel) That should be all there is to it. Enjoy your newly sorted movie folder.


Comment #176 from Anonymous [Reply]

OMG, I just spent the entire last weekend doing this manually with about 1800 movies. This is a gem of a tool! I wish I had known about it sooner, it might have saved me from carpal tunnel. :P


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Comment #177 from MHealy [Reply]

I know the feeling I went through quite a collection myself before this little trick. Hopefully it’ll save me quite a bit of time in the future though.

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Mark Dunson
Comment #450 from Mark Dunson [Reply]

How would this work on a Windows Home Server shared folder?

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@Reply #455 from MichaelHealy [Reply]

Unfortunately, I don’t really have much experience with WHS myself but I do know of a great community of WHS users at We Got Served that may be able to help.

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Comment #759 from merdzd [Reply]

Mark Dunson
it just work fine
i`m run on RDP

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Comment #799 from GavinMitchell [Reply]

The batch file zip file appears blank, can someone confirm a link that works – thanks!

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Comment #1004 from James [Reply]

This had me fooled too – you need to reveal hiddenfiles to see the batch file in question

Seems Win 7 hides Batch files? –

My last point may be mistaken, but the first one worked for me

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@Reply #1009 from Michael Healy [Reply]

The file was marked as hidden before it was placed in the zip to make sure that during the process it doesn’t attempt to make a directory and move itself into it.

Not sure how I missed the earlier comment, sorry about the delay.

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Comment #10487 from Anonymous [Reply]

Nice little script, thanks!

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Comment #11234 from incy2k [Reply]

wish there was something similar to move trailer.avi to a sub folder called trailer to be compliant with the new method in media browser thunderblade

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Comment #29033 from Peter Stothers [Reply]

Very helpful indeed, thank you. Sorted my 124 movie files into folders in less than 15 seconds.

P.S Doesn’t support UNC paths so just map the drive until the process is complete.

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Comment #41722 from Dan [Reply]

I know a good application – “RoboBasket” can do this sorting work automatically.

Here is a tutorial

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Comment #50139 from shah [Reply]

frandship 03333358024

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Comment #63256 from cassie [Reply]

i can not get this to work no idea what im doing wrong, i have downloaded dat file & estracted it into folder to sort, but not sorting

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Comment #64409 from sreenath [Reply]

wow wow wow ….thanks i got more than 500 films …..without this man i will become mental..

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Comment #70102 from Gohlum [Reply]

Thank you this saved me alot of time :)
And worked like a charm

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