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Bringing Shoutcast Radio to Media Center

by @ 7:18 am on January 28th, 2009 in plugins, programs with 9 Comments

Out of the box Windows 7 Media Center supports a few streaming radio services including Live365.com and XM Radio if your preferred service happens to be Shoutcast though you’re still in luck. Thanks to a plug-in developed by Sörnt of The Green Button you can get your Shoutcast streams directly into Media Center’s Radio section.

MCShoutcast Station Selection

The plug-in, called mcShoutcast, is currently available in a number of languages and the most up to date versions are available for download from the mcShoutcast website. At the time of writing, however, the most recent version required the Orca fix to install on Windows 7 based machines. You can download version 3.5 with the Orca fix already applied right here (version works on both x86 and x64 machines).

Aside from this small fix the mcShoutcast plug-in is a wonderful addition to Media Center adding itself to the default radio section under “Music > Radio” and supporting ample features of it’s own. You are able to browse through the Shoutcast listings by Genre, Top 500 stations, random and even search for your favorite stations. Once you’ve found your favorites the plug-in even allows you to bookmark them to be added to your favorites which are displayed upon entering the app.

McShoutcast Station Info

Unfortunately, the downloads above will only give you two weeks access to mcShoutcast. This plug-in does carry a price tag but a low one, a perfectly reasonable $10, which when compared to services such as XM Radio is practically nothing. Purchasing a license is a one-time affair however and once you’ve got your key you’ll be set for as long as you wish to use this great app.

All in all, this plug-in is a must have for Shoutcast fans and streaming media lovers alike. Although Shoutcast stations aren’t quite as versatile as services like Last.FM or Pandora it’s still worthwhile being able to choose from the thousands of DJ run stations the service offers.


Comment #1012 from incy2k [Reply]

really wish there was support for lastfm with the use of 7mc.there appears to be 2 project lastfmce and mcefm but neither appear to work. If anyone has had any luck at getting these to work i’d love to know.

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@Reply #1020 from Michael Healy [Reply]

I’d love to have a plug-in for last.fm as well. I know the source code for lastfm mce is available for someone to try and get it working with 7mc.

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Comment #1291 from Sörnt [Reply]

I thought about the Last.FM integration.
Since a few weeks Last.FM charges the user for listening to there radio streams if they are accessed not via there web page (but through there official API).

The question is, how many people want to pay a monthly fee for the access?



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@Reply #1293 from Michael Healy [Reply]

I didn’t realize they had started charging for API access. I doubt I would want to pay for access to Last.FM. It depends on what the cost would be I suppose.

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Comment #1909 from incy2k [Reply]

I thought the changes where location based and US and UK where unaffected?

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Comment #1939 from Mark [Reply]

Just installed this plugin and I love it. I wish the viewing of radio stations was in more of a list view but it is great!

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Comment #2338 from Sörnt [Reply]

Regarding to Last.FM.

If you use the radio stream via the browser (so you see there ads) than it is free for UK, US and GER based users.

If I use the radio stream via the API than the user needs to be a subscriber of Last.FM.

Last.FM said that the users of UK, US and GER clicks enough at the ads, so they can offer the service free for users of that countries.

As far as I know Last.FM will charge the user 3$ a month.

I am allmost sure that I will integrate Last.FM, the service is fantastic.

With version 3.7 I integrated a autoplaylist based on similar artist/songs so you will have a continous playlist of your songs at your music libaray.

Cool would be an option to mix the songs at the playlist with songs from Last.FM (you can ask Last.FM to play a specific song – if it is available).

Or an new option “Play more of this artist” which starts playing the top songs of that artist.
Playing the songs you have got at your Library and “fetching” the songs from Last.FM.


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Comment #8801 from Dana [Reply]

I wish there were a way to play Rhapsody or ZunePass from within Media Center. My DSM-750 extender can access my Rhapsody “library”, but I have to leave MC and the interface is terrible.

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Comment #11371 from Dave [Reply]

Talk about resurrecting a post, but I had a similar problem that I found the resolution to and thought I would share.

Songs that you download into your library for offline listening (option in Rhapsody) are accessible within WMC (vista and Win7). Move tracks or entire albums into the library have rhapsody set to offline listening and enjoy all of your subscription music within 7MC.

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